Living Proof You CAN Have Sleek Hair!

Living in the desert is such a great place to be – I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing space of mountains, sun and warm air. I’ve also been in the beauty industry for quite a number of years, which has been my passion since I was a little girl. Having been a beauty professional at J. Russell! The Salon for over 14 years, one of my favorite parts of the salon – and the industry as a whole – is to be front row, learning all the latest and greatest products, styles, and solutions we can bring to our clients daily. I’ll admit – I’m mildly obsessed with the world of beauty, and how we can make our clients see themselves in their best light. I learn something new each and every day, and my goal for this blog is to help you understand all the amazing ways you can be your best self, no matter your age, gender, style or needs. Case-in-point:

This week I was hanging with my friend and fellow stylist, Courtney. We were talking about some of her favorite products for a little hair revival after our dry, hot summer. As you can see from my last blog, it’s kind of my thing right now! She mentioned this new product she uses before a blowout called Restore Perfecting Spray, by Living proof. Living proof is a new line here at J. Russell! The Salon, and Courtney was sold after her first try. She said to me, “Jamie Lyn, the cool thing about Living proof is that their products are multi-purpose. You spray just a little bit, and immediately see results on all levels. Softer, smoother, manageable hair, like THAT!”, with a snap of her fingers. I was intrigued. I mean, who doesn’t want better hair after one blowdry?! I’m also one of those girls who’s always trying to get my hair to grow, and this sounded like a good product for growth as well. So I decided to do some research…and here’s what I found:

  • Living proof Perfecting Spray not only detangles, but it delivers moisture, helps minimize breakage, smooths, adds shine, and has UV/heat protection, up to 400 degrees. All so important for healthy hair!
  • It is paraben-free, silicone-free, color safe, and cruelty-free. Essential in hair care these days.
  • The Perfecting Spray uses a blend of cationic detangler and slip-enhancing polymer that work together to provide easier detangling, reducing hair damage and promoting growth. Sign me up.
  • It’s lightweight and suitable for all hair types. Thumbs-up.
  • Living proof Perfecting Spray has a light citrus fragrance, the signature aroma for all Living proof products. I love the subtle scent.

Courtney uses the Restore Perfecting Spray along with the 5-in-1 Split End Mender, and finishes with the Living proof Restore Instant Protection, to give hair that polished finish. And – of course – her service includes our signature J Russell relaxing neck massage. Having learned all I have from Courtney and through my own research –  I know I will be adding the Living proof Restore Perfecting Spray to my product arsenal to get my blonde hair back to looking healthy after my summer of Palm Springs poolside fun!

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