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-Ally, Make-up artist/stylist and SmashBox advocate


So you’ve heard about BB Cream, but what is it right? In a nutshell, it’s a color correcting cream. BB cream is great substitute for summer in place of foundation.

What does is do:

Primes: BB Cream has a built in primer, priming your skin for an all day wear

Perfects: The tinted formula in 5 different shades evens out skin tone for a light flawless finish

Hydrates: Improves skins moisture. In 4 weeks! Guaranteed.

Protects: SPF 35 guards against UBV/UVA rays

Controls Oil: Minimizes shine without a chalky finish


*Add a little Halo Hydrating Powder over the top and proceed into your hot summer day looking flawless and feeling fresh!


**Mention this blog on your next appointment and receive a complimentary gift**

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